LOOK/SEE – Sneaker-Themed Sunglasses Collection

By - August 7th, 2012

LOOK/SEE   Sneaker Themed Sunglasses Collection

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, designer Kyle Yamaguchi and his wife, Shu-Chu, decided to try their hands at creating their very own eyewear label. In two years time, that label, 141 Eyewear, bloomed into a profitable venture, enough so for Yamaguchi to look for another challenge to tackle. He realized quite soon the potential in accessories tying back to sneakers such as laces, t-shirts, socks and more. Though there was something amiss in this growing specialty market – the lack of eyewear.  And so, Yamaguchi launched LOOK/SEE, an eyewear label with designs that reference some of the most popular sneakers out there.  Certainly the idea wasn’t all that new, however LOOK/SEE does have several competitive advantages: Yamaguchi’s wife Shu-Chu is an optician and Yamaguchi himself was the Promo Product Line Manager at Nike Basketball.

Enveloped with the same passions he had during the creation of signature models for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and many more, Yamaguchi crafted each of LOOK/SEE’s frames to be inlined with a particular Nike or Jordan Brand edition. There is the Icons Series, where one can find the various Elephant and Cement models inspired by the slew of footwear creations by Tinker Hatfield. There is also the Black/Safari Safety-Orange frame, an obvious homage to the Nike Air Safari. More recently, LOOK/SEE partnered with HALO COATINGS to create its Reflective Series, where a matte grey portion of each frame comes alive when light shines upon it. A mix of subtle elements and unsubtle features, you’ll find all LOOK/SEE sunglasses on the label’s online store.

LOOK/SEE   Sneaker Themed Sunglasses Collection

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