BMW R12 Hommage Concept | By Nicolas Petit Motorcycle Creation

By - August 8th, 2012

Introduced in 1935, the BMW R12 motorcycle was not only fast but a sturdy piece of German engineering. At the outbreak of World War II a few years later, the popular model became a standard issue vehicle among the German Police and Army Reconnaissance Unit. And even though BMW replaced it with the BMW R75, a purpose-built military motorcycle, during later part of the war, it did not taper off interests among war history buffs and cafe racer enthusiasts. More recently, the R12 became the subject of study by French designer Nicolas Petit. To fully appreciate the historical nature of the R12, Petit rendered the R12 Hommage Concept, a machine reflected many design elements of the original while largely based on the more recent BMW HP2 Series. There are no plans to realize Petit’s renderings so far but with the growing interest in “street fighters” and cafe racers, you’ll never know…