Faraday Porteur – Electric Bicycle | By Faraday Bikes

By - August 10th, 2012

Faraday Porteur   Electric Bicycle | By Faraday Bikes

In just a few hours time, your opportunity to be the first to ride the Faraday Porteur Electric Bike will be over as its KICKSTARTER entry draws to a close. So what’s unique about this electric bike among the many that are available on the market today? In addition to its fantastic good looks along with a design hint of road cruiser from another era, the Faraday Porteur Electric Bike is a bike with an all-around application. Be it a ride to the park for a Sunday picnic, a daily commute from home to office, or a run to nearby grocery store, Faraday Porteur’s interchangeable front loader and integrated LED lights for safety provide a myriad of solutions to everyday needs.

Though it is quite a feat of modern engineering, those who designed Faraday Porteur Electric Bicycle made all the electrical components as inconspicuous as possible. The way they saw it, riders get bombarded daily with an array of gadgetries and electronic gears, the act of riding a bike should be rid of that. With the Faraday Porteur’s battery pack integrated into the rear of the frame, you can tap into the powerplant anytime with simple flip of the switch. If an upward climb is giving you difficulty, give yourself a push with the “boost” function. An e-ink display tells you the power reserved in your battery pack with 45-minute charging time to reach a full status.

Comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and quipped with BROOKS leather saddle, Shimano Alfine hub, SRAM/Avid disc brakes, and more, the Faraday Porteur Electric Bike can be yours today via an introductory offer from KICKSTARTER. Visit here for more details.

Faraday Porteur   Electric Bicycle | By Faraday Bikes

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