Tricker’s – Commando Sole Collection

By - August 13th, 2012

Trickers   Commando Sole Collection

Today we present a look at Tricker’s Commando Sole Collection, comprised of four shoes that demonstrate why this London brand is one of the greatest names in shoemaking. Building shoes since 1829, Tricker’s craftsmen have churned out an array of classic gentlemen’s models, putting the brand’s attention to detail and premium materials at the forefront. This collection in particular is comprised of the Wetherby Derby and Malton Brogue Derby boots as well as the Keswick Derby and Ilkley Derby brogue wingtips, all handmade using heavy-duty grain leather with Goodyear Welted construction, rolled waxed laces, and lugged Commando Soles.  All four wear a tone of brown and can be worn for a lifetime without losing a touch of style. Check out more looks after the jump before heading to England’s end clothing.

end clothing
4-6 High Bridge | Map
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE1 1EN, England

Trickers   Commando Sole Collection

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