Moulton Bicycle Company – Made in England

By - August 16th, 2012

Moulton Bicycle Company   Made in England

Moulton has been producing some of the best bikes on the planet for over 50 years now. Founded by Dr. Alex Moulton and based in Bradford on Avon, England, each bike truly gets special treatment; from start to finish, only one craftsman works on the bike to shape its stainless steel frame by hand and assemble all of its pieces together. While it may be a slow process, the care that goes into each results in a bike that is equally light and structurally sound, but still very comfortable to ride. To give us a look into the birth of these two-wheeled pieces of art, Well Plastic Films presents this inspiring and well-edited video focusing on a brand and its products that are truly one of a kind and will be that way for decades to come. Enjoy it after the jump.

Moulton Bicycle Company   Made in England

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