Mobi-Lens: Universal Tool for Mobile Phones, Tablets, & More | By Evette & Aris Allahverdian

By - August 17th, 2012

The initial purpose of including a powerful digital camera on mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets was to eliminate the need of carrying a camera at all times. But because the camera’s limitations, we find ourselves lugging a set of attachments and additional lens. To exasperate the situation a bit more, the accessories don’t necessary work on other devices. This means another set of peripherals. Mobi-Lens might just be the solution.

Invented by siblings Evette and Aris Allahverdian in Los Angeles, the Mobi-Lens is a one-size-fit-all lens attachment. Comes in two variations, one Wide Angle Lens that also doubles as a Macro Lens, the other a Fisheye Lens, the Mobi-Lens are just like another other peripherals out in the market now. But thanks to its unique cloth clip-like design, the Mobi-Lens can be use on mobile phones from any manufacturers, tablet devices, even those in protective cases. An added feature is that they clip on you pocket, tote straps, and other places when not in use. No wonder the Allahverdians billed it as “Universal Tool for Mobile Phones, Tablets, & More”.

To mass produce the attachment and to add on a few finishing touches, Evette and Aris Allahverdian have enlisted funding on KICKSTARTER. Now, simply pledge as little as $30 and you can pre-order the Wide Angle/Macro Mobi Lens, or you can have a set for $60. For more information, visit Mobi-Lens KICKSTARTER page.

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The quality is actually good. I would love to try this with my phone.