Metrodeck – Upcycled Playing Cards Using Old NYC Metro Cards

By - August 20th, 2012

You don’t have to be from New York City or have a love (okay, ambivalence) for its subway to enjoy what artist and designer Norman Ibarra has done here. Using found and repurposed NYC metro passes, Ibarra has created a unique set of playing cards that not only carry prints of the Queens, Kings, Jacks, and Aces, but that have their own unique journey behind them and a classic New York City-inspired theme. The Joker’s have a Coney Island print, while the King picks up the Empire State Building and the Jack, the Brooklyn Bridge, each individually screen printed and complete with their original stamping. Metrodeck comes in at $150, which at first seems a little steep, but when you factor in the time, history, and uniqueness of this set, it’s well worth the cost. Check them out after the click and online. via: psfk


I love this!  Upcycling at it's best.