Polychemy – 3D Printed Smartphone Cases

By - August 23rd, 2012

The introduction of 3D printing has allowed us to transform some of our wildest designs and creations from mere sketches into reality. Although anyone can get in on the fun, Singapore-based Polychemy is one of the best design firms in the business and they are now stepping up to help you design your own iPhone 4/4S or Blackberry case allowing you to choose from a design inspired by a fingerprint, swirl, maze, cell, and more in a range of colors. You can further personalize your cell phone design with your name or even submit your own 3D design to be printed. Each case is made to order from Polyamide plastic so it takes about 15-20 days to arrive, but the end result is well worth the wait. Each case retails for $40 via Polychemy’s online store


How does this compare with the Lifeproof case? Can you use the touchscreen while under water (to take photos or movies, for example)? Can you access all of the various buttons? Does it have optical quality glass over the camera lenses? It doesn't look like this case is meant to stay on your phone at all times. I wonder also if the sound quality or microphone sensitivity is diminished when using the phone while in the case. It'd be nice if you had a link to the manufacturers site here. Thanks, @Marisha from http://www.dchub.co.uk/accoustic-solutions-power-supplies-621-c.asp  (AC/DC Adapters)