AViiQ Quick Change Universal Dock Adapter

By - August 24th, 2012

It was too late for us… When we found this simple cable management connector from AViiQ was available, we, along with a spaghetti-like ball of cables and wires, were on our way to Las Vegas. But it might not be too late for you to save yourself the headache of “untangling”. Similar to the do-it-all Swiss Army knife, the Quick Change Universal Dock Adapter features a flexible adapter cable that is 5.5 inches long. One end is the universally accepted USB 2.0 connector. But it is the other end that makes this AViiQ device unique – a “rotator” with Mini USB, Micro USB, and the 30-Pin Dock Connector for Apple Devices. Finally, a slight slot to clip on carrying case or shirt pocket. One major drawback, however, is Apple’s plan to replace the 30-Pin Dock Connector with a 9-Pin one. Still, there will be plenty of legacy iOS devices to use the AViiQ Quick Change Universal Dock Adapter on.

YouTube Preview Image