Nike+ Festival of Sport 2012 – Shanghai – Flyknit Collective with Ben Shaffer and Arthur Huang

By - August 26th, 2012

To see Nike Flyknit‘s transition from a recently introduced sneakers to a medium of creative types around the globe, you will have to start with the introduction of Flyknit Collective, an ongoing collaborative project which drawn specific references from Nike Flyknit’s unique design characteristics as well as each participants’ imaginative traits. For its brief stop at the Nike+ Festival of Sport 2012 in Shanghai, organizer of the Flyknit Collective asked local architect Arthur Huang to take part in the unique creative process.

Lead principle of the firm Miniwiz, an architecture and design firm with specialization in environmental-friendly solutions, Arthur Huang’s first impression of the Nike Flyknit was like that of “alpha omega” concept, where a start marks a finish and vice versa. But when Huang wore the Flyknit, as he revealed in a conversation with Nike Innovation Kitchen’s Ben Shaffer, Huang experienced a whole another sensation where all logical reasoning were overcome by something more primal, where the first thought in his mind was “These Are Hot!”

The Nike Flyknit Collective Shanghai, workshops, and installation will travel to Beijing next month where it will become an official exhibition during Beijing Design Week from September 28 to October 3.

Photography by: Dan Hwang for Freshness