Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Combat – Prototype Motorcycle for 2012 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials

By - August 28th, 2012

Somewhere on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, motorcycle rider James Hoegh is barreling down the dusty white plain at the upper reach of 150 mph. The effort, as well as the inherent dangers that come with it, is to attempt a top speed of 170 mph and dethrone the record of 168.912 mph, the current land speed record for APF3000 class set by rider Wink Ellis last year. But Hoegh will not be alone in his quest. As in the two years before, Confederate Motorcycles will be taking up the challenge with Hoegh. And for this particular trial during the ongoing 2012 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, Confederate changed up Hoegh’s usual steed with a heavily modified X132 Hellcat, the X132 Hellcat Prototype.

At its heart is an upgraded S&S XWedge engine rated at 2163cc, the X132 Hellcat Prototype includes a long list of improvements including a dual track intake, a custom length pushrod and tube system, new aluminum roller rocker arms, special oil pump, and more… And while Hoegh is out and about in Utah, there are talks of Confederate Motorcycles making a limited run of X132 Hellcat Combat for the consuming public some time early next year.


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