Under Two Flags by Scott Langton – Fall 2012 Collection Lookbook

By - August 29th, 2012

Shortly after Jay-Z brought Artful Dodger for $15 million dollars in cash, Scott Langton, the brand’s founder and creative director, saw it as an opportunity to start his eponymous clothing label of a more bespoke variant. Yet through out the process, Langton felt something was still amiss in the marketplace. So in 2011, the designer spurn off a new label which he hopes to address the void. A celebration of not just his experiences as a British ex-pat in the U.S. but of his interests in Americana and Bespoke traditions of Saville Row, Langton aptly called the new label Under Two Flags for the duality of culture as well as inspirations. In fact, its quite difficult to categorize the most recent collection into any specifics. But then again, maybe that is how clothing should be where for every man, there is a style of his very own…