Chris Lefteri – Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Production Design Book

By - August 30th, 2012

Aside from aesthetic beauty, design involves a deep understanding of materials and processes, no matter the discipline. Only through an understanding of both facets of materials and manufacturing can the true potential of a designed product be realized. Chris Lefteri is an expert in the field of materials and manufacturing, and he has provided an insight for designers on this often unspoken subject. His latest book, Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Production Design is the second edition explaining the common techniques used in manufacturing. Over the 288 pages, there are 282 illustrations detailing each procedure in a very comprehensive manner. Published by Laurence King Publishing, this book should be of interest for both budding designers and veterans alike. Pick up a copy at Laurence King online shop or order through your nearest bookshop by quoting the ISBN 978 1 85669 749 1.