Nitraid – Reflective Denim Jacket + Jeans

By - September 3rd, 2012

Nitraid   Reflective Denim Jacket + JeansAt times, the reflective treatment on everyday garments might seem like a gimmick, it can be a valid safety feature for cyclists, skateboarders, or street artists, who might be overlooked on dark streets. Nitraid has optimized a reflective ink that prints directly onto the surface of these denim pieces. A normal denim jacket and pants are weathered to give them an used look and feel, then the reflective pigments were printed on top, making them totally reflective at night. The denim comes in both black and indigo tones, accented by silver buttons and details. All designs can be ordered from the Nitraid online shop and at participating dealers worldwide.

Nitraid   Reflective Denim Jacket + Jeans

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