Yandex Office II by Za Bor Architects

By - September 5th, 2012

On a daily basis Yandex, Russia’s largest internet search company, brings the digital world into the home of Russia’s homes and businesses, so it shouldn’t be too far-fetched that the Moscow-based company would decide to literally infuse their second office in Saint Petersburg with a playful digital theme. From the moment visitors walk through the door, they experience what Za Bor Architects called “a physical website,” complete with search buttons, internet icons, characters, and other large and unusual icons like a giant clock integrated throughout the central corridor of the office. The overall design doesn’t venture too far into the theme, leaving functional space and workspaces in place, but being surrounded by objects of giant 3D proportions definitely does it part to inspire creativity and energy. View additional shots of Yandex’s office after the jump.