Kiehl's Gives For Japan Collection - Series 4

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In today's turbulent society where cities, countries, and even continents can be affected by natural disaster, lending a helping hand becomes paramount to ensuring recovery for the needy. Kiehl's Japan set up the Kiehl's Gives For Japan campaign soon after the devastation in Japan last year. Since then, they have managed to launch various products, marked with the red heart on the packaging, to help support the victims of Tohoku earthquake and tsunami by donating proceeds to the non-profit organization Peace Winds Japan. This is the fourth series from Kiehl's Gives For Japan, and four new packaging artworks were created by Japanese model Marie, writers Tsuyoshi Takahiro and LiLy, and famed photographer Yasumasa Yonehara. The special cream created by Marie, seen above, will be sold throughout Kiehl's stores Japan wide, while the latter three designs will be limited edition for Kiehl's Harajuku store.