PEUGEOT ONYX Concept – Plug-In Hybrid Design Study

By - September 11th, 2012

PEUGEOT ONYX Concept   Plug In Hybrid Design Study

Things are quite distressing at French automaker PEUGEOT. Compounded with its declining market share and stock price was the recent announcement by NYSE Euronext to pull its stock listing from the CAC 40 index. Even so, France’s second largest automaker will not be deter by the recent developments. To boost morale, the company will be introducing several new concepts at this month’s Paris Motor Show, including the PEUGEOT ONYX Concept. A plug-in hybrid with a possible 1.6-liter four-cylinder traditional engine, capable of transferring 256 horsepower to the car’s rear wheels. Up front will be an electric motor with around 120 horsepower for the front wheels.  Lightweight thanks to carbon fiber composite and aluminum construct, if goes into production, the PEUGEOT ONYX is able to claim respectable 58 miles per gallon.

PEUGEOT ONYX Concept   Plug In Hybrid Design Study

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