Star Wars x Seiko Watch Collection

By - September 11th, 2012

In creating the Star Wars saga, filmmaker George Lucas drew influences from a wide array of heroic archetypes, ranging from epic films like Lawrence of Arabia to the Flash Gordon serials from the 1930s. But he blazed entirely new trails in terms of merchandising tie-ins, a trend that continues to this day with this Star Wars-themed watch collection from Seiko. Five different timepieces — in analog styles plus one digital model and a chronograph — feature designs inspired by R2-D2, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, C-3PO, Yoda and a Storm Trooper. A stellar collection — though our favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett is inexplicably missing — it has its own dedicated site, which you can visit here. But first check out detailed looks of each piece in the gallery below.


I do not wear a watch these days, since I am so spoiled by always having my phone. These watches definitely make me want to wear one again... and I just may do that!!