Apple iPhone 5 – Possible Features | Rumors Round-Up

By - September 12th, 2012

Apple iPhone 5   Possible Features | Rumors Round Up

In just a few hours, Apple will finally make it official and unveils the new iPhone 5. While any announcements by Apple before today have been spectacles of their own, but never on this scale. In fact, analysts from investment bank J.P. Morgan declared just days ago that sales of the new device might even boost the fourth quarter GDP as much as half a percentage point for the US economy. Remarkable considering the iPhone 5 isn’t an industry or a collection of products but a single device.

With all that set aside, here are some of the possibilities:

– “Taller” and thinner than the current Apple iPhone 4S, the new iPhone 5 will be utilizing Apple’s aluminum unibody design, something the company perfected on its MacBook laptop line.
– Though aesthetically pleasing, the glass back panel on the current iPhone design breaks easily. Apple designers will switch to part metal and part glass finish on the new iPhone 5

– There might be a possible application of new “in-cell touch” display technology on the iPhone 5. By fusing the layer with touch sensitive components onto the glass display itself, the phone’s overall thickness can be reduce significantly. A patent was first filed in June 2007, Apple can finally put it to use.

Apple iPhone 5   Possible Features | Rumors Round Up

Images: Apple iPhone 5 – Realistic Concept Rendered Replica | By Martin Hajek

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