Mercedes-Benz GL550 – Luxury Interior Custom | By VILNER

By - September 19th, 2012

Mercedes Benz GL550   Luxury Interior Custom | By VILNER

The European economy might be in the dump for now, though it certainly has not deter its citizens of society’s upper echelon from enjoying their wealth. Simply not content with the your new Mercedes-Benz GL550? Why not have the customizers at VILNER go at it for a bit? And the outcome? Let’s say even a hip-hop mogul would be happy with the result. Gutted and completely re-finished, VILNER converted former seven-seat SUV into a four-seater instead. By “cannibalising” the two front seats from another Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and add them on as the rear seats, VILNER compartmentalized the back into a mini-mobile office. Ground Zero lining and additional padding throughout the interior to dampen any sounds, in or out, VILNER upholstered every inch of it with Alcantara and premium leather. To complete the build, the customization specialist added a rear center console with its own cup holders and a dock for the Apple iPad.

Mercedes Benz GL550   Luxury Interior Custom | By VILNER

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