Vertu x Italia Independent | By Lapo Elkann

By - September 24th, 2012

A gossip column regular and an heir to Italy’s Fiat Automotive empire, Lapo Elkann went about realizing his definition of Italian sportswear with Italia Independent, a clothing label best known for its vibrant blue palette. In addition, the label employs Elkann’s vast network of contacts for one-of-the-kind collaborations, such as these ultra premium mobile phones from Vertu. Bedazzled in that brilliant blue Italia Independent is so famous for, the collection comprised of Constellation Quest Blue, a QWERTY cellphone, and Constellation Blue, a smartphone with a large touchscreen display. Similar to all other Vertu creations, these phones are extremely limited with only 77 Constellation Quest Blue and 777 Constellation Blue be available for purchase. Fortunately for scions and heiresses alike, Parisian boutique colette are making both available for pre-order now.

213 Rue Saint-Honoré | Map 
75001 Paris, France