PROMO – Levi’s with Photographer Mel D. Cole | Interactive Video

By - September 26th, 2012

PROMO   Levis with Photographer Mel D. Cole | Interactive Video

Like many of his subjects, photographer” target=”_blank”>Mel D. Cole (aka” target=”_blank”>Village Slum) learned the skills of his craft on the streets of New York City. You will always get a sense of authencity from his images, whether be in the midst of” target=”_blank”>The Roots concert or a posh gallery opening in Chelsea. Rather than at his usual position behind the lens, Cole found himself as the subject of this most recent video by” target=”_blank”>Levi’s and” target=”_blank”>Complex. Comfortably dressed in his ususal Levi’s gears, the photographer exhibited his casual workflow from sunrise to sunset. Better yet, the video is completely interactive, where viewers can tap and purchase a look they fancy directly from Levi’s online store. As a special offer, the video allows shopper to take 15% off their total purchase on online store. Simply enter coupon code “COMPLEX” at the end of your purchase. The discount will be in effect from now till October 22nd.