Rudiger Maerz – DSLR Customization

By - September 26th, 2012

Rudiger Maerz   DSLR CustomizationGetting tired of the black exterior of your DSLR? German camera customization company Rudiger Maerz may have the solution for you. The specialist company can take apart most DSLR cameras, customizing the exterior with similar techniques employed by automotive painters. Furthermore, Rudiger Maerz can actually modify the internals of your camera while it is in their workshop. They can exchange the lens mounts, or even take out the whole shutter system inside, to make it compatible with PL mount for connecting to cine lenses. The usual turnaround is roughly around minimum of four weeks, and it will set you back from $650 upwards, depending on the modification. Check out their handy work by scrolling down the page.

Rudiger Maerz   DSLR Customization

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