Samsung NX-S1 Galaxy Camera System Concept | By Donnie Ray

By - October 11th, 2012

From the onset, developers knew Android platform’s versatility can go beyond mobile devices. In fact, when you include Google‘s prowess and factor in contribution from third party sources, the platform can the OS to an endless list of gadgets, like this Samsung NX-S1 Galaxy Camera System Concept. Rendered by Donnie Ray, aka David, a photo enthusiast from Poland, the Samsung NX-S1 Galaxy Camera System Concept is one step further along than the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Camera. The front portion of the concept is nearly identical to the new Samsung NX210 camera system, complete with a APS-C image sensor, function dial, hot shoe, flash, and interchangeable lens. The rear portion, however, is a slot for your Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, where its wireless connectivity and Android’s ease of operation each plays a role.

via: Tomorrow/DonnieRay