PUMA – InCycle Collection – Biodegradable + Recyclable Products

By - October 12th, 2012

With the launch of a new, innovative sustainable clothing and apparel line, PUMA shows that they’re ready to lead from the front when it comes to being green. Their upcoming 2013 footwear, clothing, and accessory line will be completely biodegradable and recyclable, allowing consumers to return their products to stores for processing through their “Bring Me Back Program” once they’ve reached the end of their line. Dubbed the InCycle Collection, all of the pieces will be made of biodegradable polymers, recycled polyester, and organic cotton to help the brand and their consumer’s reduce their environmental footprint, ultimately completing a loop that PUMA began years ago by introducing compostable shopping bags and ecologically sound stores. And don’t just think that PUMA will be burying the gear in a hole in the ground full of worms, they will be breaking down and shredding fabrics in a process that will take up to nine months to complete. Take a closer look at a sample of the upcoming line and how the recycling process will work after the click.