WHIZ Limited – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection | Runway Show

By - October 18th, 2012

From its conception as Rebirth + WHIZ Limited, to the entity now simply known as WHIZ Limited, the brand and its creative director, Hiroaki Shitano, have always been in transition, making their own personal explorations without conforming to current trends of the fashion world. In a market already so saturated with mainstream fashion labels, both domestic and foreign, there is a slight advantage when it comes to creativity for designers like Shitano; because they only need to satisfy a core customer base, they can focus solely on the design aspect. One other advantage would be the theme for each season. Instead of something more suitable for general consumption, Shitano throws bits of animal print, camouflage, even the lowly apron, into his “OFF CITY” collection for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. And while the collection lacks a cohesive theme, it certainly makes up for this in versatility, much like the megacity of Tokyo and its Shinjuku district that the collection tries to replicate.