Freshness Excursion: Johannesburg, South Africa

By - October 22nd, 2012

Freshness Excursion: Johannesburg, South Africa

Late in September 2012, Freshness was invited to South Africa to partake in the annual STR.CRD festival, which celebrates urban culture through activities in the areas of fashion, music, sneakers, graffiti, skate and dance (you can see our recap of STR.CRD 2012 here). So we hopped on a South African Airlines flight from New York’s JFK to Johannesburg (JNB), a ride that takes just a little over 15 hours direct. Fresh off a long flight into Johannesburg, it may take a minute to realize you’ve arrived in the continent of Africa, but you’ll quickly realize it’s not really what you’ve imagined in this bustling metropolis, as you’ll see in our photo journal from Joburg below.

Two movies, Invictus and District 9, in recent memory may have given you a sense of South Africa, but one was set in 1995 and the other set in a fantasy alien invasion, neither hardly giving you a taste of the modern day land. One will give you an idea of the history of the country and both offer a hint of the amazing people who live there. Known for it’s natural beauty, wildlife and sunshine, a visit to South Africa can be quite an adventure. In this recap, we’ll focus on the limited amount of time we saw Johannesburg–but it was enough to see a bustling city with a lot of character. After four days in Johannesburg as part-guest and part-tourist, we also also took  a few days touring Cape Town, which we will take a look at shortly. For now, take a look below at our experience in Johannesburg.

Freshness Excursion: Johannesburg, South Africa
The Melvilla Guest House was our home as guests of STR.CRD. Unfortunately, wifi did not always work while we stayed there, but over all the rooms had a lot of character and were well kept.

The first night’s dinner was held At The Table, which is a pretty interesting venue in a house setting for groups to meet or have an excellent dinner.

Above, Masta Lee and Edson from Patta and Lee Stuart and Joey Elgersam from Bread & Butter.

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