UNDRCRWN – “Gotta Be Barack” T-Shirts

By - October 22nd, 2012

With personal statements to reiterate their positions, the third and final presidential election debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney wrapped up just a moment ago at Lynn University. All indications and polls are pointing to a very tight election, though our friend Dustin Canalin and rest of UNDRCRWN are pretty adamant about who they will be vote this coming November 6th. A humorous take on both Mars Blackmon‘s commercial for Air Jordan and Ron Shelton’s 1992 comedy, “White Men Can’t Jump”, the UNDRCRWN “Gotta Be Barack” Tee features caricatures in the likeness of the President and the Governor, settling their differences with a basketball game. Except, the President has a notable advantage over Mr. Romney… Its gotta be the shoes… Available now in Black, Grey, and White through UNDRCRWN online store.