adidas Won Against Nike Over Flyknit Patent Infringement Case

By - October 24th, 2012

The patent infringement war need not be limited to tech giants like Samsung and Apple only. In a reversal of fortune, German court in Nuremberg ruled in favor of adidas earlier today, thus lifting the temporary injunction over the sale of its adiZero Primeknit footwear. Launched over the summer as part of its London Olympics promotion, adidas met complaints from Nike almost immediately, which claimed adiZero Primeknit to be a copy of its popular Flyknit footwear. After Nike won a temporary injunction over the sale of adiZero Primeknit last month, adidas appealed the court’s decision with a bit of legal maneuvering. Because both adiZero Primeknit and Nike Flyknit are made with intertwined yarns, adidas placed less emphasis on the patent itself. Instead, its legal team argued that footwear made from intertwined yarns have been in existence since the 1940s, nullifying Nike’s Flyknit patent claim. With its legal victory, adidas will be free to sell the adiZero Primeknit and other footwear in similar design starting on November 7th. Meanwhile, Nike has no comment on the decision at this time.