Casio G-Shock November 2012 | New Releases

By - November 1st, 2012

Casio G Shock  November 2012 | New Releases

First and foremost, welcome to the month of November. What better way to kick off the year’s 11th month with a preview of Casio G-Shock‘s new releases, all destined for retailers near you in the next 30 days? As with previous collections, one notable collaborative timepiece design will help to mark G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary. For the month of November, that honor goes to the Burton Snowboards x Casio G-Shock GDF-100BTN-1JR watch. Seen previously during the anniversary gala in New York City, the watch employs twin sensors to monitor altitude, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. All essential matrix to ensure safe snowboarding conditions, especially during outback routes. Another snow sport related model for November is the G-LIDE Series, updated as GLS-100 models with insulated encasement and a Cordura band. New addition to the Sky Cockpit line, the GW-A1000FC might be the most durable G-Shock design yet with its Triple G Resist construction. Its oversized dial face and easy-to-read world time for 29 international cities are both reminiscences of traditional chronograph.

Along with the mentioned editions, a total of 19 designs will be available starting this month at select Casio G-Shock retail locations near you.

Casio G Shock  November 2012 | New Releases

Casio G-Shock AWG-M100BC-1AJF

Casio G-Shock AWG-M100BC-2AJF

Casio G-Shock GB-5600AA-1AJF

Casio G-Shock GB-5600AA-1JF

Casio G-Shock GB-5600AA-5JF

Casio G-Shock GB-5600AA-7JF

Burton Snowboards x Casio G-Shock GDF-100BTN-1JR

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