Nike Football Unveils White Vapor Uniform for University of Oregon Ducks

By - November 5th, 2012

As the alma mater to both Nike co-founders, executives, and countless employees among the company’s rank, University of Oregon has the benefit of being the first to test out some of the newest sporting gear. This was clearly demonstrated during last year’s Rose Bowl, when the Oregon Ducks took the field in their newly integrated uniform system. And over the weekend, the Ducks once again unveiled yet another new uniform system, this time in a White Vapor colorway.

Similar to the “mirror finish” on the Ducks‘ helmets during the team’s Rose Bowl appearance, Nike Football added a matte white decor on the helmet design, with a set of carbon fiber wings as accents. The real breakthrough, however, would be the addition of Nike Chain Maille Mesh, a new lightweight, ultra-breathable fabric. Strategically placed throughout, it provides an ideal thermoregulation of body temperature. Together with a Nike Flywire collar, the design also eliminates the need for a typical two-layer construct. To give the sense of flight, Nike even redesigned the number system, now with the likeness of a mallard’s feather.

During the uniform’s introduction with the Ducks going against the USC Trojans, Todd Van Horne, Nike’s Creative Director for Football, stated, “With the integration of Chain Maille Mesh into the jersey as well as the functional winged pattern on the shoulders, this is truly the lightest, fastest and strongest football uniform we’ve ever made.” The Ducks thwarted the Trojans 62 to 51.  As with last year’s uniforms, expect the same technology to appear on the Nike-designed NFL uniforms soon.

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