Support Hurricane Sandy Relief & Recovery Efforts

By - November 5th, 2012

Support Hurricane Sandy Relief & Recovery Efforts

The sheer magnitude of devastation and loss caused by Hurricane Sandy is beyond words. Once idyllic, waterfront areas like Brooklyn’s Breezy Point and the memorable Jersey Shore now liken to war zones. Pride themselves as self-sufficient, people along the eastern seaboard now wonder about the most basic of needs. And as we are approaching the 7-day mark after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, close to a million households are still without power, including 108,000 in New York City. The good news is most mass transit, tunnels and bridges, all lifelines to the vitality of the region, are up and running, albeit partially. Yet, so much more issues need to be address, especially when another winter storm is due to hit the region again this coming Wednesday. This is where you can step in and help.

Organizations such as Direct Relief International, Feeding America, the Salvation Army, AmeriCares, and several others have opened donation drives to fund continuing relief efforts in the area. Save the Children and World Vision are providing needs to children affected by the aftermath, often times the most vulnerable in these situations. From lessons learned after Hurricane Katrina, the Humane Society of the United States and American Humane Association are working together to help animals in the region. With an estimated damages of up to $50 billion dollars, any amount, like the American Red Cross‘ $10 per text donation, would go a long way. But if you are compel to help out in person, Team Rubicon and Samaritan’s Purse are looking for a few good men & women. You can also contact government volunteer programs at NYC Service (New York City) or 800-jersey-7 (New Jersey) for details. Already, Freshness and our associates have contributed to American Red Cross’ donation drive. And since this disaster also hit us on a personal level, we will contribute further as the recovery efforts get underway.

The region seen several calamities before and rose to the occasion each time. With your help, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy will not be any different.

Photography by: AP // Getty Images // Reuters

Support Hurricane Sandy Relief & Recovery Efforts

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