Johnstons of Elgin x Penfield – Gillman Down Jacket & Vest

By - November 6th, 2012

A long standing tradition of Scotland since 1797, along with local sourcing and the milling techniques perfected two centuries ago, Johnstons of Elgin pride itself as the keeper of standards, especially fine knitwear and woollens. The same standards outerwear specialists at Penfield looked for in a collaborator. In order to “liven up” its classic Gillman Down Jacket and Vest, Penfield sought to add one of Johnstons of Elgin’s trademark, its Fair-Isle fabric. Trimmed to specifics, each Fair-Isle pattern is then added on to be the yoke of each outerwear. Made of 60/40 cotton nylon blend and insulated with 80/20 down, the distinctive Fair-Isle yoke embellished the design features further. In either men’s or women’s sizings, both jacket and vest are available now at Penfield online store and selected retail locations.