Honda N-One – Performance Tuned Edition | By MUGEN

By - November 8th, 2012

Sensing the growing appetite for microcars, Honda recently greenlighted its N-One edition for dealerships in Japan. Equipped with just enough room to fit four adults, the tiny four door comes with a 660cc three-cylinder engine, which guzzles less gas than some motorcycles on the road today. But if you’re looking for something with more “zoom,” at least in appearance, tuning house MUGEN created a line of body kits specifically for the N-One and N-One Premium. The outfit can be as simple as a floor mat and alloy racing wheels or as complex as a full body aero kit with LED fog lights and performance exhaust. There is also the added benefit of doing the installation yourself for a sense of accomplishment. The Honda N-One is available only in Japan at this time and starts at around US$ 14,4000.