MQ – SF Edition Sticker Zine

By - November 19th, 2012

MQ   SF Edition Sticker ZineBefore the introduction of internet, blogs, and social network sites, many independent and underground artists used zines as their primary mode of publication and marketing. Even though artists take advantage of internet, zines are far from being extinct. MQ teamed up with Upper Playground to produce this special San Francisco edition of his Sticker Zine, followed by LA and NY editions. The whole zine is made with plastic coated pages, enabling stickers to peel off the page easily. Monochrome photos of MQ’s artworks are printed as stickers, neatly laid out on the 18-page zine. Only 100 units will be produced, and these are available through Upper Playground online shop right now.

MQ   SF Edition Sticker Zine