Levi’s Vintage Clothing – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook

By - November 28th, 2012

Bolstered by a 100-plus years old archive, authenticity was never an issue for Levi’s. The company did face a conundrum, however – how do you reissue past designs in an orderly fashion? The solution was Levi’s Vintage Clothing, a branch which focuses on the reproduction of vintage Levi’s designs as well as drawing inspiration from them to create new ones.

For its Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, the design team at Levi’s Vintage Clothing turned to two opposite generations, with a stop first to the world of 49ers gold prospectors and the rugged Western outback. Then it was a time warped trip to the 1950s, at the height of hot rod races and surfer cool. While distinctively different, both are still culminations of the American West and its ever evolving culture, a fitting testimonial to Levi’s “Go Forth” motto.

Images via: C-Store