Jordan Brand – Dare To Fly: Air Jordan XX8 Unveiling – Part 1 | Event Recap

By - December 4th, 2012

Jordan Brand   Dare To Fly: Air Jordan XX8 Unveiling   Part 1 | Event Recap

After accomplishing what he sought out to do as the President for the Portland Trail Blazers organization, Larry Miller returned to the same position he had once held this past summer and started his career as the lead for Jordan Brand, a second time around. But it would seem the Philadelphia native is in an enviable position, since the Jumpman division of Nike has never been more popular, as evidenced by the press and media outlets gathered during yesterday afternoon’s “Dare To Fly” event in New York City. In an intimate setting which doubled as a “state of the brand” presentation, movie director Spike Lee and New York Knick’s Carmelo Anthony joined the spotlight to talk about the impact that basketball has had on the Big Apple. Both Lee and Miller were quick to point out Anthony’s role in the recovery effort after Hurricane Sandy, when the Brooklyn-born basketball star appeared several times in his home neighborhood of Red Hook unannounced to volunteer. In fact, like a few of Nike’s initiatives, the delay of “Dare To Fly” stemmed from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, too. So, without further ado, audience members attended to the event’s next phase on the upper reach of Skylight West studio.

Best described as a hall of mirrors–many even suggested it to be Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, if not for the Kryptonite-green lights–the second stage for “Dare To Fly” was also the venue’s main event and its most impressive. Surrounded by mirrored walls in every corner, a continuous video loop of Air Jordan history showcased every imaginable model up to the point. There were even miniature fog machines to help heighten the room’s aura, but the focal point was the elongated display case. Again, with the Kryptonite-like greenish hue as the backdrop, all of Air Jordan‘s 27 models, each in “All Black, Everything” configuration, were on display, something even Jay-Z would be envious of. Then, like a scene out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a hidden mirrored cube opened and flooded the room in green light. Behind the dramatic introduction was the true purpose of “Dare To Fly”, the Air Jordan XX8…

Photography by: Poe/Freshness

Jordan Brand   Dare To Fly: Air Jordan XX8 Unveiling   Part 1 | Event Recap

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