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The Creator: A Conversation with Edison Chen of CLOT

In the simplest sense of the concept, its the coagulation of creative types, cool trends, unique products, and fruition of ideas. At least that was CLOT’s mission statement when Kevin Poon and Edison Chen first started nearly 10 years ago. Of course, the brand evolved into something like a cornerstone within Hong Kong’s ever growing sub-culture scene. More than just a clothing brand, a retailer, or even a design agency. The most applicable definition for CLOT would be that of a “movement”.

Ahead of its 10th anniversary next year, we had the opportunity to sit down with CLOT’s co-founder Edison Chen recently and discussed the road ahead. Our conversation also paid a certain emphasis on CLOT’s newest project, the Tribesmen Collection, which saw the involvement from the likes of MC Yan and Wing Shya, the famed cinematographer for director Wong Kar Wai.

  • Produced & Interviewed by: Yu-Ming Wu | Intro by: Poe Hwang
  • Links:  www.clotinc.com