mastermind JAPAN x Strict-G – Gundam Collection

By - December 12th, 2012

mastermind JAPAN x Strict G   Gundam CollectionWe have totally lost count of the amount of collaborations completed by mastermind JAPAN in its almost 15 years of existence. Even as the end of 2012 and the brand near, Masaaki Honma and his team are squeezing in more collaboration releases than ever. Their latest partner is Strict-G, a Japanese company specializing in producing apparel line with Gundam designs, which have put together a custom designed plastic model of Zaku-II, a character from the popular Gundam anime series. Painted in matte black, the one-eyed machine wears the mastermind JAPAN logo on its chest and shield. Accompanying the figure is a line of hoodies and t-shirts, all unified in black, featuring specially designed graphics on the front and shoulder. Pick up this limited edition collection at Gundam Front in Tokyo.

Gundam Front
Odaiba, 1-1 Aomi | Map
Koto-ku, Tokyo

mastermind JAPAN x Strict G   Gundam Collection

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