Stephen Powers – ESPO’s Creative Outlet

By - December 12th, 2012

Stephen Powers   ESPOs Creative OutletGraffiti writer turned artist and now a sign writer as well, Steve Powers a.k.a ESPO, is the proud owner of the newly opened ESPO’s Creative Outlet in New York City. The dual-purpose space serves as the workshop for Icy Signs early in the week, only to transform into a gallery/shop from Thursday to Sunday. Fans can wonder around the shop to look at his works on paper, metal, and wood, alongside selected ephemera, books, and catalogs from the past. If you are in the downtown Brooklyn area, be sure to drop by the store.

ESPO’s Creative Outlet
72 Fourth Avenue | Map
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Shop Opening Hours: 2pm – 8pm (Thursday + Friday), 12pm – 6pm (Saturday + Sunday)

Stephen Powers   ESPOs Creative Outlet

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