Marc Dolce: The Man Behind The Lunar Force 1

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It takes a certain kind of fortitude and reverence to take on the task of rebooting the world's most iconic sneaker. Nike designer Marc Dolce displayed plenty of both in creating the Nike Lunar Force 1, making its debut on the 30th anniversary of the venerable Air Force 1. In an interview with Forbes, the Brooklyn native stressed that the shoe's history was a guiding force in the development of the project. "Sketching with a blank sheet of paper is easy because it's like blue sky thinking -- I can do whatever," he explained. "But I have such a high level of respect for the Air Force. Not only do I respect the shoe, I respect the people who have worked on the shoe. It has become a global icon, and I don't want to be the one to go in and just be like, Yeah I'm going to change this." An appreciation of the gravity of the task at hand, coupled with design chops developed at Pratt and inspired by New York, reveals Nike made the right call. Check out the rest of Marc Dolce's Forbes profile here.