Aesop Signature Stores by cheungvogl

By - January 16th, 2013

Skincare label Aesop is known for developing products to help more than just your skin look clean and tidy with items such as the Dapper Gentleman Grooming Kit and their own private label mouthwash. With such an array of offerings, the brand needs a special kind of retail shop that expresses their own philosophy of “integration, interaction, and communication between humans and objects” as well as one that represents the purpose behind their products. To do so, Aesop commissioned Hong Kong’s Cheungvogl to help design a series of 11 concept stores, installations, and signature locations across Europe and Asia and although each is unique in their layout and the materials utilized, there is a common thread of simplicity and organization between each one. Aesop’s signature store in Cityplaza in Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong, demonstrates the results of their collaboration, using timber shelving designed to look like shipping crates, epoxy concrete floors, industrial lighting, and a central sink to make the way their products are presented and categorized paramount. If you can’t make you way to visit one of the locations, make sure to spend a few minutes viewing the addition photos of the store design after the click.

via: designboom