PROJECT Show New York FIRST & COMPANY Leather Accessories Collection

By - January 23rd, 2013

New to the scene, fashion brand FIRST & COMPANY is really a study of opposite. Perhaps the best way in describing its two collections would be “Luxury Accessories for Time Travelers”. Streamlined silhouettes in perforated leather, polished with patent leather accents and suede lining, the brand’s Jetsetter Collection is as futuristic as it is James Bond cool as the same time. Juxtaposed that with FIRST & COMPANY’s Voyager Collection, a throwback to the past with hints of the Wild West, Victorian Era, steampunk genre, and so on all rolled into one. In the finest leather, suede, and all hand crafted in California, you will find FIRST & COMPANY‘s products on display at PROJECT trade show and available now on its online store.