Beam Plus Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

By - February 5th, 2013

Beam Plus  Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Beams Plus, the menswear line launched in 1999 as an outgrowth of the Japanese retailer Beams, has carved an identity for itself that’s become virtually synonymous with high-quality heritage workwear. As seen in end clothing‘s assembled looks for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Beams Plus is also known to make forays into the military and sportswear segments of classic Americana style. The former is seen in the use of camouflage print on an unstructured blazer, plain front chinos and a bow tie, while a distinct outdoorsy vibe runs through the Mountain Parka, linen watch cap and Fair Isle socks. Finally, a trad sensibility takes the form of blackwatch and tartan plaid button-downs, as well as a cable knit crewneck sweater in a cotton/linen blend.  Find the Beams Plus Spring/Summer 2013 collection now at end clothing’s online store.

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Beam Plus  Spring/Summer 2013 Collection