Porsche 911 – 50th Anniversary

By - February 12th, 2013

Porsche 911   50th Anniversary

Not just Michael Jordan, but the storied Porsche 911 is also celebrating its 50th birthday this year. It all started as a concept sketch from Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the grandson of Porsche’s founder Ferdinand Porsche, the 911 first appeared during 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show and rolled off the company’s Stuttgart assembly line that very year. Known originally as “901”, the company changed it to “911” after French automaker Peugeot argued that it had the rights to the 901 designation. And while it is now in its seventh iteration, the silhouette is essentially the same though much larger and much more effective power-to-weight ratio thanks to advanced materials and powerplant. In marking its 50th anniversary, Porsche put together the first generation 911 along side one from the latest production run for a side-by-side comparison. In addition, the company also added in-depth information on each of the 911 generation through its press release below.

Porsche 911   50th Anniversary

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