EMBRACE+ – Smart Notification Bracelet for iPhone & Android Phones

By - March 1st, 2013

“Fashion accessory with true functionality” is a catchphrase often used but rarely realized except in the case of EMBRACE+. Billed as a smart notification bracelet for mobile devices, EMBRACE+ is essentially a translucent rubber band embedded with an optical fiber, a smart controller unit, and a LED light source. Roughly the same size as the Nike+ FuelBand, the band discreetly notify you to incoming calls, text messages, and emails on your cellphone, be it a Android-base one or Apple iPhone. Because creators Paul Hornikx and Rudi Beijnen designed EMBRACE+ to be scalable, you can program it to a wide range of notification tasks, all through a customizable app. You can even change the speed of each notification and the light color thorough a convenient color wheel.

While they have working prototypes ready, Hornikx and Beijnen are seeking crowdsource funding on KICKSTARTER to purchase the necessary molds, equipment, and software upgrades to mass produce the EMBRACE+. Pledge can be as low as $1 but for $49 or more, you will be one of the first to receive a EMBRACE+ and charging cable. For more information, please visit the KICKSTARTER of EMBRACE+.