Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Concept

By - March 6th, 2013

Toyota i Road Personal Mobility Concept

Half motorcycle, half car, Toyota‘s i-Road Personal Mobility Concept is the Japanese carmaker’s solution to the crowded, polluted city streets. Debuting at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, this concept is a compact, all-electric, three-wheeled vehicle enclosing a three-seater cabin that is packed with new mobility and cabin technology. Powered by a Li-Ion battery that powers a 2kW motor in each of the front wheels, this Personal Mobility Vehicle (or PMV) can travel up to 50 km on one charge, which takes 3 hours on a normal home supply.  The i-Road also includes the brand’s new lean actuator, Active Lean, with gears located above both front wheel’s suspension that allow the vehicle to lean into the turn by moving the wheels up and down to counteract the normal forces that occur during cornering. Probably the biggest benefit that might be overlooked is that since the 3-seater is completely enclosed, meaning none of the passengers have to wear a helmet. Oh, and it’ll be a lot easier to find parking, too. In addition to more preview shots, you can also see this concept from Toyota by watching the video after the click.

Toyota i Road Personal Mobility Concept

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