Google Talking Shoe

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Unveiled over the weekend at this year's SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, Google's Talking Shoe prototype was developed to illustrate the potential applications for wearable technology as it interacts with both the human body and the Internet. Google partnered with artist Zach Lieberman and the digital arts collective YesYesNo to create the "smart sneaker," outfitting an adidas basketball high-top with an accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure sensors and Bluetooth, giving the shoe the ability to analyze movements and offer commentary. Its messages can be posted to Google+ by the user, or sent to real-time ad units, or even broadcast live through onboard sneakers. Google says it has no intention of producing the shoe for retail; rather, it's the latest initiative in Google's "Art, Copy and Code," a program that reimagines the world of advertising. Check out Google's Talking Shoe in action in the video below.