BOLTgroup – GIGS.2.GO Tear-and-Share USB Drives

By - April 4th, 2013

BOLTgroup   GIGS.2.GO Tear and Share USB Drives

Over the years flash drives have become smaller and more portable, but this set of four 1GB drives packaged in a business card-sized configuration is among the most inventive designs we’ve seen yet. Developed by Kurt Rampton and the BOLTgroup, the gadget goes by the name GIGS.2.GO and is constructed with 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp with zero plastic. Best of all, each individual drive can be torn off 1 gigabyte at a time for easy tear and share use. And since it’s made of paper, labeling is as easy as grabbing a pen and writing directly onto the surface of each tab. Check out more looks below.

BOLTgroup   GIGS.2.GO Tear and Share USB Drives





via: Yanko Design