Detroit Electric SP:01

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We may be greedy and think that the electric cars we see buzzing around the block are something only from our generation, but over 100 years ago a company was sending shockwaves throughout the industry with its own all-electric powered vehicles. The Detroit Electric brand produced about 1-2,000 battery-powered cars its first year, but the drivers and designers of 1910 would be dropping their drawers over this beautifully crafted SP:01. Revived in 2008 by Albert Lam, the former CEO of Lotus Engineering Group, after nearly 80 years after the plant shut their doors because of the Great Depression, Detroit Electric has plans of developing 999 models of the SP:01, which the brand claims is the fastest pure-electric car on the market with a 155mph top speed and a 3.7 second 0-62mph time. Of course, all this speed and energy doesn't come without a price, with the SP:01 costing an estimated $135,000. However, if this doesn't quite fit your taste, the Detroit re-startup has plans of creating a line of family friendly vehicles scheduled to hit dealerships beginning in 2014.